IPS Group Demonstrates Advantages of Fully Integrated Smart Parking Ecosystem at IPMI Parking & Mobility Conference

End-to-end technology portfolio delivers enhanced user experience, boosts process efficiencies and performance measurement across entire on-street and off-street parking programs for municipalities, universities, and other agencies.

SAN DIEGO, CA, June 12, 2023 – IPS Group (“IPS”), a Smart Parking innovation leader, will demonstrate at the IPMI Parking & Mobility Conference & Expo in Fort Worth, TX June 11 – 14, 2023 how the Fully Integrated Smart Parking Ecosystem streamlines operations in a seamless experience.

Parking professionals accelerate their productivity and deliver a superior end user experience with the Fully Integrated Smart Parking Ecosystem – an end-to-end management and business intelligence solution that connects a comprehensive technology portfolio of parking revenue control, parking violations and collections, mobile and digital payments, and frictionless parking solutions by IPS.

“Most agencies today continue to face the age-old need of delivering better service with fewer resources,” says Chad Randall, CEO, IPS Group. “The complexities of integrating technology platforms and making sense of this vast amount of data has never been a great issue in our industry. What differentiates a fully integrated, single-vendor technology platform like IPS boils down to the ease of pre-integrated solutions and the convenience of the user experience. It cannot be understated how this impacts every facet of a parking business, like forming policies to improve the level of service offered, optimize available resources, and improve the customer experience. A by-product of this approach will be better asset management and resulting revenues. As technology environments become more complex, our customers trust us to provide a simplified, seamless experience that empowers confident decision-making about their most critical issues.”

Single Proven Solution

The IPS Fully Integrated Smart Parking Ecosystem connects technology that was built from the ground up, together, to enable a common user experience, operational efficiencies, and scalability.

The IPS Ecosystem includes:

Integrations Support

While satisfying most end-to-end parking requirements, IPS also supports technology environments that use multiple vendor software applications through its Parking Management System Aggregator.

With IPS, Agencies can get a holistic, 360˚ -view of data across technology partners with automated real-time reporting, advanced analytics, KPIs and visualization tools. By centralizing their data, parking teams gain greater situational awareness to focus on time-sensitive issues while keeping sight of the entire operation. They can also forecast opportunities that influence policies around demand and dynamic-based pricing, inventory, and operational efficiencies for enforcement, maintenance, and collections.

IPMI conference attendees and the press are invited to booth 1019 for a guided demonstration that links real-life use cases to the advantages of the IPS Fully Integrated Smart Parking Ecosystem.

Says Randall: “We’re grateful to be a part of the IPMI Parking & Mobility Conference. It provides a tremendous forum to hear the greatest challenges and policy trends firsthand from our customers and colleagues. This feedback is critical to continued innovation and progress across this entire industry.”

About IPS Group

IPS Group, headquartered in San Diego, Calif., with offices across North America and Europe, is a designer, engineer and manufacturer of low-power wireless telecommunications, payment processing systems, intelligent data management and cloud-based technologies. IPS provides Smarter Parking for Smart Communities™ of any size through its Fully Integrated Smart Parking Ecosystem of connected applications including Smart Parking single-space meters, multi-space pay stations, pay station upgrade kits, vehicle detection sensors, mobile payment, enforcement and permitting solutions, hosted data management and analytics software, and more.