Data is the most important asset to Smart Cities. Get more out of your Smart Parking program by putting your data to its best use.

Data Opens Doors to Limitless Potential for Smart Cities

Data from Smart Parking technology plays a critical role in enabling strategic decisions that help Smart Cities optimize parking operations. Here’s just a few of the many examples:


Improve the customer parking journey for the public and seize opportunities to increase revenue by measuring user trends.

Occupancy Data

Discover parking trends with access to real-time and historical occupancy data gathered by IPS Vehicle Detection Sensors. Decisions backed by sensor data can increase revenue 20-30% and promote turnover. Occupancy data can also be leveraged to create demand-responsive and progressive rate structures.

Payment Data

Data on the most frequent types of payment methods used can reveal opportunities to expand payment options to include NFC Contactless or mobile payment.


Proactively monitor meter maintenance needs in real time to prevent downtime before it happens.

Proactive Maintenance

IPS Smart Meters communicate real-time maintenance data wirelessly to the DMS and Maintenance App for proactive monitoring and work order management.

Maintenance Alerts

Real-time maintenance alerts can be distributed via text or email, or are viewable in the DMS and Maintenance app via a dynamic map view.


Save time and resources with optimized enforcement route planning that takes officers directly to meters in violation.

Meters in Violation

Real-time data delivered through dynamic map visualizations provide a top-level view of parking violations to optimize route planning and reduce field patrolling.

Revenue and Collections

Analyze collections and revenue data to make improvements to collections efforts and rate structures.


Optimize route planning by prioritizing meters that are ready for collections.


In conjunction with occupancy data, review revenue data by area to fine-tune rate structures appropriately.


Whether you work exclusively with IPS, or with multiple third-party vendors, it is vital to use all sources of your Smart Parking data collectively

Third-Party Data

Unify all your sources of data in the IPS Data Management System, whether from IPS or third-party solutions, to get the big picture of the overall health of your Smart Parking program.


Learn how Big Data can help drive your city’s Smart Parking policies.

The IPS Data Management System with Advanced Analytics

Unify your Smart Parking data and achieve 360-degree management of your parking meter network with one powerful, secure solution.

The IPS DMS provides a common backend system that is conveniently managed from any web-enabled device 24/4/365.

The DMS processes terabytes of data each year, making it the most advanced back office system in the industry, and provides a visual representation of massive amounts of data to help you make smarter, strategic decisions for your parking program.