IPS provides a complete Parking Management System that combines seamless, real-time IPS application integration, data aggregation, robust reporting, and powerful business intelligence.

Harness Data for a Top-Performing Parking System

The IPS Data Management System (DMS) allows administrators to analyze customer trends, optimize resources, implement demand-based pricing, and monitor performance for streamlined and efficient operations.

IPS Data Management System

Key Benefits:

  • Review maintenance, revenue, or collections at any level: single meter, area, zone, or the entire network
  • Access real-time data 24/7/365 from any web-enabled device
  • Seamlessly integrate meters, vehicle sensors, and mobile payment solutions into a unified back-end system
  • Customize reports with drag-and-drop filtering features for flexibility
  • Top-tier encryption and internet security
  • No local software or new hardware installation required

Data Analytics Give the Complete Picture

Whether you work exclusively with IPS or need to aggregate multiple third-party solutions, IPS can centralize your parking data and provide a holistic view across all technology partners with IPS Data Analytics – i.e., the Parking Management System Aggregator.

Parking Management System Aggregator

Key Benefits:

  • 30+ partnerships and 350+ live integrations via a collaborative approach.
  • Enhanced internal control, transparency, and data accuracy.
  • Automated aggregation of parking data sources.
  • Real-time reporting, advanced analytics, KPIs, and data visualization.
  • Customizable performance dashboards for occupancy, revenue, and citations.
  • Predictive analytics for informed policy decisions around demand-based pricing, inventory, and efficiency improvements for enforcement, maintenance, and collections.
  • Holistic view of data across technology partners for comprehensive performance measurement of on-street and off-street programs.

DMS in Action


Manage your entire parking lifecycle with one powerful, fully integrated parking management solution.

The Power of Your Entire Parking Operation in Your Hands

Consolidate your parking information to seamlessly manage your entire program with intelligence and efficiency, even when incorporating third-party data.

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