Revolutionize how you manage parking with our proven
Fully Integrated Smart Parking Ecosystem.

Maximize Your ROI

IPS Smart Meters are still in the field well over a decade after installation, constantly upgraded with the latest in Smart Parking software.

Scale as You Grow

The seamless, fully integrated IPS ecosystem is built to scale in anticipation of your growing and changing needs.

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Improve the Parking Experience

A well-managed Smart Parking program that is backed by data-supported decisions can improve the quality of life for the public.

Gain Greater Control

Make smarter policy decisions with confidence based on analytics and insights with the IPS Data Management System.

By manufacturing in the US, we can provide outstanding quality, reduce environmental impact, and meet quick delivery turnaround requirements.

Empowering You

We are a partner that you can lean on. With several veteran parking planners on the team, we understand your challenges first hand. Our comprehensive suite of fully integrated Smart Parking solutions is proven to provide a perfect fit for cities of all sizes.

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Fully Integrated Smart Parking Ecosystem

Easily Upgrade to Contactless Payment Technology

IPS Smart Meters, including the M5™ Single-Space Smart Parking Meter and the MS1™ and MS3™ Multi-Space Pay Stations, offer the option to accept contactless payments. Contactless payment technology can be included with the initial order, or upgraded in the field after installation.

Key Benefits of
Contactless Payment


Reduced transaction time results in shorter lines, increased revenue, and a more positive customer service experience. Customers can pay quickly via cards, mini-cards, stickers, key fobs, smart watches, and smartphones.

Secure & Safe

Contactless payments are more secure than cash, and an essential solution for the germ-conscious public. Newer technologies that also use tokenization or biometrics add additional layers of protection, reducing the risk of fraudulent activity and theft.


Consumers have access to contactless payment cards and mobile wallets today. It has become an industry standard form of payment, and further eliminates the need to carry bills/coins. Meter techs can also worry less about coin jams.


At IPS, your satisfaction is our priority. Our service team of professional, dependable and courteous customer service experts are committed to supporting your parking operations.