IPS Recognized as Green Star Exhibitor

IPS Group was recently recognized by the International Parking Institute (IPI) as a Green Star Exhibitor at the 2018 IPI Conference & Expo in Orlando, Fla.

The program recognizes companies which provide services, strategies, and products that support sustainability goals. These goals are linked to the objectives of IPI’s Sustainability Framework and Parksmart Certification, now administered by the US Green Building Council.

IPS strives to create products that leave a minimal environmental footprint and employs sustainability measures throughout the entire product lifecycle. As a technology company, IPS invests millions each year in research and development in order to deliver high-performance Smart Parking solutions and environmentally-friendly technologies that reduce energy consumption while maximizing performance and minimizing waste. Further, IPS is committed to education and awareness to help promote sustainability throughout the industry.

IPS is helping to realize environmental sustainability in the parking industry through the following products and services:

• Solar-Powered Smart Parking Meters: IPS Smart Meters boast unparalleled power efficiency that is derived from low-power (solar) energy. In this way, IPS helps Cities realize their GREEN initiatives and reduces the number of batteries in landfills.

• Recycling: Batteries which have reached the end of their useful life are sent back to the manufacturer for recycling, ensuring that no batteries end up in the landfill. Furthermore, IPS offers battery recycling services to our customers. The plastic components and Lexan coverings from returned or malfunctioning meters are sent back to the manufacturer and recycled into new plastic, thereby reducing the amount of plastic that enters our local landfills.

• Revolution™ Upgrade Kits: Designed to retrofit aging pay stations with the latest IPS technology, the Upgrade Kits provide lower equipment upgrade costs, ease of maintenance and reduced overall cost of ownership. The Upgrade Kit makes installation fast and efficient, and provides a significant cost savings without sacrificing features. The Kits feature a patented combination solar power and battery system which offers power efficient energy that consistently charges with ambient sunlight.

By conducting our business in this manner, IPS aims to ensure responsible future growth in the local communities where we live and work.