City of Santa Fe called on Smart Parking pioneer IPS Group, best known in the industry for its intuitive Smart Parking meters and common backend system.

The City began with an installation of 300 IPS Smart Parking Meters and in 2016 upgraded the remainder of their meters to IPS due to the overwhelming positive response. The new meters accept credit/debit cards and mobile payments, and feature a large graphical display and LED lights for easy and efficient enforcement.

The entire meter inventory is wirelessly networked to a robust backend system, the Data Management System (DMS), which the City uses to configure the meters remotely. The DMS also sends alerts to maintenance staff by text message or email when a meter fault occurs, which has been instrumental for the City’s small maintenance division.

“Now I receive a text message with the exact location and type of fault. Instead of walking to
each meter to check its status, I can now send my technician out within minutes. This has cut
down our workload significantly,” says Leonard Romero, Maintenance Supervisor.

Due to the high reliability of the IPS meters, meter faults have decreased. “Our meter uptime increased significantly in just the first year of deploying the IPS meters,” explains Romero. “Our coin jams have greatly decreased, but if they do occur, we are able to respond much more efficiently.”

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