IPI Conference and Expo

Every year, more than 3,000 professionals in the parking and transportation industry attend the International Parking Institute (IPI) Conference and Expo. Attendees hear from experts on the latest in parking-specific technology and network with industry leaders from across the globe, learning more about the advancements in the parking industry. At this year’s show, IPS Group won the People’s Choice Best of Show, an award given out to one of the 235 exhibitors. IPS Group’s forward thinking and design captured the attention of attendees looking for the latest product advancements in the industry.

The IPI Conference brings together the top players in the industry, all showcasing the latest and greatest. The IPS Group stood above the rest of the exhibitors, as their Best of Show booth displayed the most unique and effective technology in parking with a flair for creativity. Their five newest products and services presented offered the latest innovation in the industry: in-vehicle payment, Parking Enforcement Management, Permit Management, The PARK SMARTERTM Mobile App and the next generation Data Management System.

The new products unveiled elevate IPS Group as one of the first true, fully-integrated parking management solution. The Parking Enforcement Management is a new feature that helps cities achieve peak performance throughout the citation lifecycle. This feature is the first fully-integrated parking enforcement solution from IPS Group. The Permit Management Solution is a paperless system where managers can reach their entire parking permit network from anywhere at any time through their powerful web-based system. IPS unveiled their newest app with the Bluetooth enabled PARK SMARTER™ mobile app finally being put on display for the public.

The app provides personalized management of a user’s parking to create an optimized mobile street parking experience. In addition, new feature, In-vehicle Payment allows drivers to select the time increment and make a payment within the fully integrated app as well as from the seat of their car through their dashboard. The final solution is launching this summer: the next-generation Data Management System (DMS). The system continues to connect all of IPS Group’s solutions with advanced features around data intelligence and improved management options. Built for the future of Big Data, this system is as robust as they come. IPS Group’s forward-thinking innovations set them apart from others on the exhibit floor, as they continue to design new products with the future in mind.

IPS Group is honored and humbled to receive the People’s Choice Best of Show award from IPI. They strive to be on the cutting edge of the latest technology with deeply integrated systems and cloud-based software. As the leading trade association for the parking industry, every year IPI brings together the largest players in the parking and transportation industry, recognizing outstanding innovators. And thus, IPS Group’s dedication to the industry and focus on bringing the latest innovation to customers has shown to set them apart from their competitors.

More information on IPS Group’s award-winning products can be found here.