Whether you're dining at a restaurant or shopping at a boutique, parking has never been easier. Now you can simply park and swipe.

Follow these easy steps to complete an easygoing parking experience:

Look at the smart meter’s display to find parking rates, hours, time limits, and other important information. If it is dark, press any button to light the display.
If paying with coins, simply insert them in the coin slot until the desired time is reached on the display. Quarters, dimes, nickels, and $1 coins accepted.
If paying electronically, insert and remove your credit or debit card. The smart meter accepts cards with Visa, MasterCard and Discover logos.
With the blue [+] and [-] buttons, select the amount of time. The cost for that time will be displayed underneath.
Press green [OK] button to confirm your payment, or red [CANCEL] button to stop your transaction. The meter will attempt to authorize the payment shown on the screen if neither button is pressed after 35 seconds.
Wait for authorization of the card.
If the card is approved, the display will show the amount of paid time and when it expires. If not approved, start over with another card or coins.
*Please note that time purchased at this meter corresponds only to the adjoining parking spot. The time purchased is not transferrable.
Here’s where.

Downtown Sacramento, midtown and Old Sacramento.