Parking in Uptown


The city has launched a new parking meter pilot for uptown Athens to learn different management strategies regarding parking in the uptown area.

The purpose is to increase available parking in the uptown area by exploring ways to encourage parking turnover and possibly changing rates and expanding/reducing times at the parking meters and parking garage to create a system that is simple and fair for residents, business owners, employees, and visitors.

  • The pilot will start on January 30th, 2018 with all on street meters on Court between Union and State.

  • Parking garage pay kiosks will be available on the upper first floor and lower second floor.

  • The pilot program will last through May 2018.

Street Meters

Look for:

  • Smart meters will be available on the west side of Court St. between Washington and State.

  • These smart meters will accept coins, credit cards and debit cards. Piloting of smart cards will take place during the project.

image description

Garage Pay Stations

Look for:

  • Pay stations will be available in the parking garage on the upper first floor and lower second floor.

  • See "HOW METERS WORK" for more info.

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IPS Meters are not only convenient because they take credit cards, nickels, dimes and quarters but with either the more traditional M5 Single Space Meter (Street Meter) or the MS1 Multi-Space Pay-By-Plate Meter (Garage Pay Stations), simply pull up, pay and walk away. It’s that simple. Watch these demonstration videos and see for yourself. San Diego-based IPS Group, Inc. is a design, engineering and manufacturing company focused on low power wireless telecommunications and parking technologies.

My Parking Receipt™ image description

My Parking Receipt™ is a convenient website that allows customers to view, download and print their parking receipts paid at any IPS meter. My Parking Receipt™ offers:

  • Setting to automatically email parking receipts upon close of transaction

  • One-time customer account set-up to simply access, view export and expense

  • User-friendly interface

How Will the Parking Changes Be Evaluated?

The goal of this new strategy is to manage on-street and off-street parking to support area businesses and a changing 24-7 uptown with a mix of retail, restaurant, and residential uses.

Existing occupancy of on-street parking spaces will be compared with new data collected after the modifications to gauge changes in parking availability and turnover.

City staff will continue to review rates and times at the parking meters and ramps to create a system that is simple and fair for residents, businesses owners, employees, and visitors with the desired results to support the uptown Athens area.

For more information on City of Athens Parking CLICK HERE Or Call: 740-592-3340