Data drives decisions.


Vehicle Detection Sensors

TThe IPS Vehicle Detection System is the most cost effective and reliable sensor system on the market today. Sensors communicate wirelessly to the IPS meter, which means there is no need to install expensive, complicated mesh networks. The result is an average increase of 25%-50% in City revenues, and enhanced operational efficiency at a fraction of the ongoing costs (up to 50% less expensive).


When paired with IPS meters, sensors provide:

  • Measureable data - sensors enable customers to track true parking demand over time
  • Optimized enforcement by pushing real-time occupancy and payment data to officers through handhelds or mobile devices as alerts or maps
  • Calculate paid vs. actual occupancy trends to improve enforcement efficiency
  • Increased revenue as a result of resetting the meter once a vehicle departs (optional - on average generates increased revenues of 20-40%)
  • Enhanced customer experience through parking availability apps and services
  • Available for both IPS single-space and multi-space systems